What’s Faster, Supercars or Superbikes?

EngineIt’s safe to say that the fancy sports cars, or supercars, are more popular to those who have several thousand dollars to spare. Wealthy people, millionaire businessmen and celebrities spend at least $300,000 for these supercars because these cars are overall attractive and powerful. But aside from the super handsome looks of these super cars, what the speed enthusiasts are really interested about is their super speed. However, in terms of speed and looks, another super vehicle easily rivals the supercars – the superbikes.

Superbikes are popular nowadays because they provide the comfort and easy driving that motorcycles offer and, at the same time, they can literally make you move like the wind. And the great thing about the bikes is that they don’t cause as much as the supercars. In fact, they barely cost half the price of supercars. Superbikes prices start from more or less $20,000. However, despite the huge price gap and all, both supercars and super bikes are capable of making you feel like flying while on the road with their amazing speed and acceleration. This article is more concerned about which one provides even more speed. So, let’s look at the latest models of supercars and supercars you will see what’s faster, supercars or super bikes?

2017 BMW i8

2017 BMW i8

The power of this super handsome supercar comes from a hybrid drivetrain that has an amazing 231-hp turbocharged 1.5-L 3 cylinder engine that is found behind the seats and a 131-hp electric motor affixed at the front axle. A six-speed automatic transmission is how the engine transports power to its rear wheels. The front wheels, on the other hand, is powered by the electric motor with a two-stage automatic transmission gearbox. This supercar has a combined 362 hp and 420 pound-feet torque. The i8 can move from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just an average of 4.4 seconds and with a 155 mph top speed. The i8 also takes pride in its 310 miles total driving range in normal daily conditions.

Super awesome and superfast already right? Now let’s take a look at one of the latest superbike models.

2016 Kawasaki Ninja H2

2016 Kawasaki Ninja H2

This superbike features a 310 horsepower (230 kW) and 326 horsepower (243 kW) with ram air. This superbike has 50% even more power and speed than the fastest normal motorcycles, taking the top rank from Suzuki Hayabusa of 200 miles per hour or 320 km per hour. And as compared to the supercar above, this superbike costs about $26,000 only. It is definitely a few hundred thousand dollars less than the luxurious price of the latest supercars but has considerably much more speed.

Of course, there’s a lot of new models coming out every month but based on the models we have compared above, we can safely say that while supercars are so much more pleasing to the eyes, the superbikes are what the speed freaks should keep their eyes on. So to answer our question, what’s faster, supercars or superbikes? It’s definitely the super amazing super bikes.

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Superbikes Vs Supercars

superbike vs supercar

This website (being named Harley Davidson London) obviously supports motorbikes over cars, generally we feel that what you can get for your money on 2 wheels is a lot better than what you can get for your money on 4, but despite this the Bike community does recognise the awesomeness of supercars. Lamborghini’s speed, Ferrari’s style and Aston Martin’s class make them very desirable to the upper-class auto community.

We decided to take to the metaphorical streets of London to ask a number of superbike and supercar agencies what they thought was better and more importantly WHY they thought this. The answers are obviously biased to what they work in (as you would expect) but it makes for a great read none the less.

SuperBike- Londoner

Okay so why are superbikes better than supercars this is what you’re asking yeah? [wasn’t the exact question but this is how it was interrupted.] I’d say Bikes are better for 3 primary reasons. The first is probably not what you would expect someone to start with and that’s price. When you decide to can own anything with the word “super” in-front of it, this usually means you have some cash to play with and price isn’t at the top of your list for this. But for the value for money aspect superbikes are so far ahead of the curve its worrying. £25,000 gets you a top-end super-bike, whereas you need nearer 5 times this to get a top-end Aston or Ferrari!

My 2nd and 3rd reasons are quite similar: acceleration and top speed arguments. Everyone says that a superbike can’t get to a higher top speed than a supercar and I agree with this (obviously) but what I don’t agree with is HOW people think this is even possible. When was the last time you went over 100mph let alone 150mph! That’s crazy and just a bit dangerous frankly. Whereas the acceleration is something you can utilise 0-60 in a blink on a bike! 0-60 in 10 blinks in a supercar….. It’s 10 times better for a reason.

Tom of Aston Martin Car Hire and Ferrari Hire UK.

After reading your friends response above I have to say the points are valid, they are just not the end of the story. I’m going to say this from a more reasonable point of view. So they are 5 times more expensive as you get twice as much. 4 seats (that’s 4 times as much), A roof! 4 Wheels and a lot more room for “things”. He mentioned the usability of speed and not going over 150mph which again is a valid point, but what happens if I want to bring my bag or luggage to go somewhere? Yeah now suddenly that makes sense for the extra £100000 price tag. Sure an Aston Martin of a Ferrari rental will still put you back 4 figures for a weekend, but the truth is people want these cars as they have grown up dreaming about them, less people have done so about bikes….

Strong words by both the rental agency and the superbike Londoner. I know who I would personally agree with, but I will not be telling anyone as to keep this article impartial.

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Getting Your Bike Ready For The Winter Roads

braking1Prepare for the winter months well in advance if you have a superbike. You can make the winter months eventless if you maintain your bike in good condition. For the pleasures of motorcycling during winter ensure that you follow a few tips. Roads are slippery during winters with less grip resulting in frequent falls. You can make out the oil stains as a shiny streak on the road. Potholes may not be visible due to water logging during raining season. But identifying them is easy as they look like a puddle. Never ride over a puddle as it can turn out to be a pothole. White lines found on the roads turn out to be slippery during the rainy season. Do not attempt to ride near the white line as they collect dirt and fuel deposits that run away during the rains causing the roads nearby to be extremely slippery.

Pedestrians cross the road from just anywhere, and this could be risky. Most of them do get quick cover from the rain. Be careful while riding looking out for pedestrians that cross the road haphazardly. While turning in the bends remember that the centrifugal force is at the minimum, so ride slowly to avoid falls. Do not apply sharp brakes or increase the speed while turning in bends. On wet roads, the back tire could lock if you suddenly lower your gear. Another challenge for bikers during winter is tree gums. During summer the tree sap is intact, in winter the sap mixes with water to make a slippery film that can be dangerous for motorists.

Frequently cleaning your bike can prevent corrosion. Clear off the mud and salt from your bike to prevent oxidation. Once washed, the surface can be pat dry, and wax can be applied to the rims. It can protect the bike from rust. Hard wax can be effective. Add more grease in areas that need to dry. The bike has to be maintained in top condition to sustain the winter roads. Keep the bike covered when not in use. Even little moisture can damage the bike. Always prevention is better than cure!

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Valuable Tips To Clean Your Superbike

1Keeping your superbike sparkling clean does not require expert hand, you can do it yourself and give a pat on your back. A bike should look great from the outside. The paintwork has to be in place to say that your bike is in great condition. Wax your bike to prevent moisture entering the metal leading to oxidation. Polish has to be done carefully as it contains abrasive ingredients. You can remove a scratch using polish and then wax it up to get the shine. The wax can seal the damages and make you vehicle look as good as new.

Another major problem that arises includes chain getting stuck while on the move. This happens because of dirt accumulation in the chain. The links are blocks causing friction and grinding effect. Cleaning the chain is a challenging task as the cleaning agents have to be removed at once else it may dry and get stuck to the chain links. Moreover, it is important to lubricate the chain to enhance its lifetime. Lube can prevent friction and rust. Before lubing, it is advised to clean the chain properly to remove any dirt that is sealed in the chain links.

Cleaning the rubber pipes can lead to rubber diffusing quickly. Cleaning the rubber pipes can leave pores that can harden the rubber leading to permanent damage to the pipes. To avoid this, use colour refresher to seal the pores. It can stop the diffusing process and keep the rubber free from aging. It can save money and can keep the bike as good as new. Due to regular use, there may be metal damage. The metal has to be cleaned to keep it away from dirt and moist. Dead insects can scar the surface so beware of them. Insects release amino acids and enzymes that can attack the metal.

Brake discs are another cause of concern. Metal particles may fling while braking. These are iron particles that can stick to metal part resulting in flash rust. It can be removed using sandpaper leaving behind a clean disc. Self-cleaning your bike is easy if you follow these tips. Find a strong cleaning agent that removes even the toughest of contamination.

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